Aurora Australis: Readiness

Online Zoom Session

with Luke Tscharke

Thu 23rd May 2024 from 7-9pm

Aurora Readiness: Knowing When to Go, Where to see it, and How to Capture

Embark on an exciting journey into the world of Aurora Australis photography with professional landscape photographer Luke Tscharke. This two-part online workshop is designed to equip photographers of all levels with the knowledge and skills needed to capture and edit stunning images of the Southern Lights.

In the first session, Luke will guide you through the essential planning and in-field shooting techniques specific to aurora and timelapse photography. You’ll learn how to predict aurora activity, choose the right location, set up your camera, and compose breathtaking shots under challenging low-light conditions. Luke will also share his expertise in capturing mesmerising timelapse sequences that showcase the dynamic movement of the Aurora Australis across the night sky. Even if you’ve attended one of Luke’s sessions before there will be new information and it can act as a great refresher.

The second session (booked seperately) will focus on post-processing your aurora images and timelapses. Luke will share his expert tips and tricks for editing your photographs and videos to bring out the vibrant colours and intricate details of the Aurora Australis. You’ll discover how to enhance your images using professional software, create captivating final prints, and compile your timelapse sequences into short videos and star-trails that transport viewers to the heart of the aurora experience.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to capture your first aurora or an experienced photographer seeking to refine your skills, this workshop will provide you with the knowledge and inspiration to take your aurora photography to the next level.

Session 1 – Aurora Readiness (Thursday 23rd May 2024)

This session is all about understanding the aurora and being prepared to capture it. We’ll start with the basics of what an aurora is and know when it might occur. You’ll learn how to interpret aurora forecasts and understand their relevance based on your location—whether you’re tuning in from as far north as the Australian mainland or from the southern reaches of Tasmania. We’ll discuss various alert services that notify you of auroral activity, setting you up to make informed decisions about when to venture out.

Following the forecasting essentials, we’ll dive into the practical aspects of aurora photography. This includes selecting the best locations for viewing and photographing the aurora across Australia, understanding the ideal camera settings, and tips for respecting fellow photographers in the field. We’ll cover everything you need to know to not only capture the aurora but to make the most of your night under the stars.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Aurora Formation and Forecasting (30 mins): How auroras are formed, best aurora alert and weather services to predict when and where the aurora will be visible based on your location.
  • Shoot Planning and Location Scouting (30 mins)Advice on choosing the best spots for aurora viewing and photography, considering both geographical and artificial light influences.
  • Break (5 mins)
  • Photography Equipment and Tips (10 mins): Recommended equipment to get the most out of your aurora shoots.
  • In-Field Camera Techniques (45 mins): Camera settings and setup for capturing the aurora effectively, including exposure, composition, and focusing in low light conditions.
  • Q&A (extra time): There will be some bonus extra time at the end of the session for any questions you may have, noting that anything specific to editing will be covered in the second session.
  • Total Duration: 2+ hours

Access to the Recording: If you’re unable to attend the live workshop for any reason, you’ll still have full access to the content. All registered attendees will receive a link to the recording of Session 1 within 72 hours of the event. This means you can watch the recording at your own pace and convenience, ensuring you don’t miss out on Luke’s expert guidance and valuable insights.

Session 2 – Aurora Editing (Thursday 30th May 2024)*

The second session can be found on this page and is dedicated entirely to editing. It will help you transform your raw aurora images into your own works of art. As a bonus, attendees who register for the first session will receive a 20% discount code for the follow-up editing session. The discount voucher will be issued via Sony Scene messages within 48 hours of booking.

*Please note that the Aurora Editing session is booked seperately and is not included in this ticket price. If you want to take advantage of the 20% discount please wait for your voucher code before booking the second session.


You don’t need to shoot with Sony equipment to benefit from this online session, everyone is welcome!


Luke Tscharke is a Tassie Tourism Ambassador