Aurora Australis Editing

Online Zoom Session

with Luke Tscharke

Thu 30th May 2024 from 7-9pm

Aurora Editing: Enhancing Your Aurora Images for Stunning Impact

In the second session of this two-part online workshop, professional landscape photographer Luke Tscharke will dive deep into the art of post-processing your aurora and timelapse images. Whether you’ve already captured your own aurora photographs or are eager to learn the editing techniques for future shoots, this workshop will equip you with the skills needed to transform raw images into breathtaking works of art. 

Session 2 – Aurora Editing (Thursday 30th May 2024)*

In this session Luke will guide you through his expert editing workflow, sharing techniques to enhance the colour, clarity, and impact of aurora images. You’ll learn how to finesse the white balance, minimise noise, and create a balanced, polished final image. Even if you don’t have your own aurora photographs yet, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and be well-prepared to edit your images when you do capture the stunning Northern or Southern Lights.

In addition to aurora editing, Luke will also demonstrate how to edit and compile timelapse sequences, resulting in mesmerising videos that capture the dynamic movement of the night sky.

Using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, Luke will provide step-by-step guidance on essential editing techniques, including:

  • Raw file processing
  • White balance and colour adjustments
  • Exposure and contrast optimisation
  • Sharpening and noise reduction
  • Radial gradients, linear gradients and brush adjustments
  • Timelapse sequence editing and compilation

Whether you’re a beginner looking to develop your editing skills or an experienced photographer seeking to refine your techniques, this session will provide you with the tools and knowledge to take your aurora and timelapse images to the next level.

* No Prior Session Required: While this workshop is part of a two-part series, attending the first session is not a prerequisite for participating in this one. Each session is designed to stand alone, providing valuable information and techniques for photographers at any stage of their aurora journey.

Special Offer: If you’ve booked the first session, “Preparing for and Capturing the Southern Lights,” you will have received a 20% discount voucher via Sony Scene messages. You can apply this voucher when registering for this session to enjoy significant savings.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Adobe Lightroom Workflow for Aurora Images (10 mins): Learn how to import, organise, and select aurora photographs efficiently.
  • Essential Lightroom Adjustments (45 mins): Discover key techniques for enhancing colour, exposure, and clarity in aurora images.
  • Break (5 mins)
  • Photoshop Techniques for Aurora Images (30 mins): Explore advanced editing techniques in Photoshop to take your images to the next level.
  • Timelapse Editing and Compilation (30 mins): Learn how to edit and compile timelapse sequences for stunning visual impact.
  • Q&A (extra time): Take advantage of the bonus time at the end of the session to ask Luke any questions you may have about editing aurora and timelapse images.
  • Total Duration: 2+ hours

Access to the Recording: If you’re unable to attend the live workshop for any reason, you’ll still have full access to the content. All registered attendees will receive a link to the recording of Session 2 within 72 hours of the event. This means you can watch the recording at your own pace and convenience, ensuring you don’t miss out on Luke’s expert guidance and valuable insights. Whether you attend live or catch up later, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance your aurora and timelapse editing skills. 

Please note that attendees are expected to have a basic understanding of Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. While Luke will provide guidance and demonstrate techniques, this session is not intended as a comprehensive introduction to these software programs.


You don’t need to shoot with Sony equipment to benefit from this online session, everyone is welcome!


Luke Tscharke is a Tassie Tourism Ambassador