Moeraki sunrise

Moeraki Sunrise

Moeraki Boulders, South Island, New Zealand

Possibly one of the most vivid sunrises I have ever seen occurred at Moeraki Boulders when I was there. Everything seemed to come together on this morning. This really is an amazing location for seascape photography.

Aoraki Reflections

Aoraki Reflections

Aoraki Reflections, Lake Pukaki, New Zealand

Mount Cook / Aoraki reflecting in Lake Pukaki.

The time I spent around this lake was probably some of the best memories of my time in New Zealand. I was great to be able to camp and eat dinner at a location with a view like this! I was very happy when I was setting up this shot as the water fell calm and allowed me to shoot this reflection for a few minutes.

McLean Falls

McLean Falls

McLean Falls, Catlins region, New Zealand


McLean Falls, a waterfall of the Tautuku River in Catlins Forest Park, Southland, New Zealand.

My tripod was positioned rather precariously on wet rocks to take this shot, but was totally worth it. I didn’t expect the streaking froth from the waterfall to be so effective in the composition.

T a u t u k u


Tautuku Bay, New Zealand


Sunrise at Tautuku Bay, Catlins Conservation Park, Southland, New Zealand.

Jetty at Te Anau

Jetty at Te Anau

Jetty at Te Anau, New Zealand


The jetty at Marakura Yacht Club, on the shores of Lake Te Anau, New Zealand. It was a particularly calm morning and found this jetty surrounded by reflecting clouds to be a good composition. The lakes in this region are stunning.

one lane bridge

One Lane Bridge

One Lane Bridge, New Zealand


Along the shores of Lake Pukaki, New Zealand

Piha flow

Piha Flow

Piha Beach, New Zealand


Piha beach, west coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

Rangitoto reach

Rangitoto reach

Rangitoto Reach


Mount Rangitoto from Takapuna Beach, on the north shore suburbs of Auckland, New Zealand.

Catlins fire

Catlins Fire

Tautuku Bay, New Zealand


Tautuku Bay, Catlins Region, South Island, New Zealand