sentinels of a former epoch

Sentinels of a Former Epoch

The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park, Western Australia

Taken after sunset, there was still a golden hue to the light and the absence of shadows created an interesting presence of these amazing stone pillars. The mechanism by which these unique stone formations were created is still unsure. One theory is that they are stone casts from an ancient forest. Whatever created them, it sure is a cool place.


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Icecream Dunes, Cervantes, Western Australia

Awards given to this image:

  • 2014 International Loupe Awards – Open Nature – 10th position

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Crawley Crecendo

Crawley Crecendo

Crawley Boatshed, Perth, Western Australia

I was pretty happy with the sunrise on this particular morning, I had been here a few times before but never with sky with colours like this. Truly a sight to behold.