Moeraki sunrise

Moeraki Sunrise

Moeraki Boulders, South Island, New Zealand

Possibly one of the most vivid sunrises I have ever seen occurred at Moeraki Boulders when I was there. Everything seemed to come together on this morning. This really is an amazing location for seascape photography.



Jokulsarlon Glacial Ice Beach, Iceland


Sunset at the Twelve Apostles

Sunset at the Twelve Apostles

Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road, Victoria

The sun setting over the Twelve Apostles on the first day of 2014.

The amazing thing about this image was the weather preceding it. The day was overcast, windy, rainy, and generally horrible. After several hours of waiting out at the location I was certain sunset was going to be clouded out. I went back to my accommodation feeling disappointed that the effort I had put into getting to this location was potentially wasted. After a few minutes of resting I had the presence of mind to check out the window of my cabin just before sunset. The weather had blown over, and given rise to a beautiful red glowing light. I rushed back and was able to capture this scene. It was a good lesson in never giving up on a shoot!

Stony Creek sunrise

Stony Creek Sunrise

Stony Creek, Coalcliff, NSW

Visiting this location for sunrise I had originally planned to photograph the rock pool. However, the creek in the distance caught my eye so I went over to investigate. Getting low down I was able to accentuate the sand walls created by creek, and it was all topped off with a stunning sunrise!

T a u t u k u


Tautuku Bay, New Zealand


Sunrise at Tautuku Bay, Catlins Conservation Park, Southland, New Zealand.

Piha flow

Piha Flow

Piha Beach, New Zealand


Piha beach, west coast of the North Island of New Zealand.

Rangitoto reach

Rangitoto reach

Rangitoto Reach


Mount Rangitoto from Takapuna Beach, on the north shore suburbs of Auckland, New Zealand.

Catlins fire

Catlins Fire

Tautuku Bay, New Zealand


Tautuku Bay, Catlins Region, South Island, New Zealand