Star Fall

Star Fall

Star Fall

Pelverata Falls, Snug Tiers Recreation Reserve, Tasmania

Pelverata Falls on a crisp, clear, moonlit night. It’s quite an amazing scene when the core of the milky way moves directly over the top of these falls, even if only for a few fleeting minutes.

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McLean Falls

McLean Falls

McLean Falls, Catlins region, New Zealand


McLean Falls, a waterfall of the Tautuku River in Catlins Forest Park, Southland, New Zealand.

My tripod was positioned rather precariously on wet rocks to take this shot, but was totally worth it. I didn’t expect the streaking froth from the waterfall to be so effective in the composition.

Nelson River serenity

Nelson River Serenity

Nelson River, Tasmania

On the walk back from Nelson Falls in western Tasmania I noticed this beautiful composition along the river. It was raining whilst I took this and had to wipe my circular polariser after each frame I took to remove the rain drops. Tedious work at best, however the effort is truly worth it.

Dip Falls

Dip Falls

Mawbanna, North Western Tasmania

We we probably shooting in this location for about 45 minutes. Unfortunately there were quite a few shadows cast over the falls by trees due to the time of the day we were there. There was a brief period of about 5 minutes when the sun went behind the clouds, the shadows disappeared, and the exposures were just popping. This was when this images was taken. A good lesson in patience and persistence for me.