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Join Luke Tscharke and Benjamin Maze on an unforgettable 5-day adventure photographing the beautiful southwest region of Tasmania. Over five days and four nights we will explore the southwest Tasmanian wilderness world heritage area, photographing lush rainforest, rugged mountains, waterfalls, fungi and autumn colours – including Tasmania’s endemic deciduous plant known as “fagus” (Nothofagus gunnii).

We have no fixed itinerary, ensuring that we can match each location with the best conditions, giving you the best images possible. Two expert leaders will be with you the whole time, helping you craft your masterpieces; both composing shots on location and post-processing back at our base.


Bookings are taken via co-host Benjamin Maze’s website. Click the button below to be taken to his booking page.


Tasmania’s Southwest Wilderness is the gateway to some of the most beautiful and rugged landscapes in Australia. We’ll be basing ourselves at Maydena, with the goal to get you in the right place at the right time depending on conditions. With everything from dolerite mountain peaks to lush rainforests and waterfalls, autumn colours and fascinating fungi, there’s no shortage of beautiful natural features to explore and capture. With a new moon starting on the first day of the workshop, we’ll even get the chance to shoot some stellar astrophotography in the case of clear night skies. Most of all, you’ll be guided to these places and educated on how to best capture them by two extremely passionate photographers who have a deep love of Tasmania!


Once we arrive at our base in Maydena we will have no fixed itinerary. This may sound a little unusual but we can assure you that this is a massive benefit of our experience.

The weather in Tasmania is highly changeable and our leaders are experts at reading weather conditions across the state. By being flexible we can give you the best chance of being at the right location in the right conditions. Best of all we will show you how we read the conditions to make the best possible judgement, teaching you essential planning skills that you can take away and use to plan your own shoots!

We will be visiting some of the locations below, and prioritising those which match the conditions we are planning around. 

Locations may include and are not limited to:

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This experience is all about being in the best place at the best time to create the best possible images. We will review the conditions on an hour-by-hour basis and use that information to make the best judgement of where we head for our shoots. The best part is that we will take you on that journey, helping you understand our planning methods, allowing you to take them away and apply them to your own shoots.

The professional leaders will assist you with composition and setup in the field, and then help you with your post processing back at base. As this is an active workshop, the leaders will also be there shooting next to you, after all these will be the best conditions we can manage!

We will primarily photograph the magic hours of sunrise and sunset but will also shoot during the day if the conditions work for us. The workshop is timed ideally for night photography, and we will head out to photograph the stars and even Aurora Australis if the right conditions are present during our visit.

If conditions allow, we will attempt to cover various shooting styles including;

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Our accommodation base is at the Giants’ Table and Cottages in Maydena. The base is extremely conveniently located, being nestled between Mount Field National Park and the Styx Forest Reserve. After passing through the Florentine Valley are Lake Judd and Lake Pedder, with access to some of Tasmania’s most spectacular mountain scenery. 

Giants’ Table and Cottages are well appointed with a large kitchen and dining area, separate lounge complete with a fireplace, two bathrooms, as well as an adjacent restaurant for some delicious meals.

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Participants will need to take responsibility for their own food on this experience. Though we can use both the restaurant next door and the accommodation’s kitchen for meals when possible, there may be times when we must eat on location depending on what the plan for photography is that day or night. Further details on meals and food suggestions will be provided upon booking. This workshop prioritises photography and this approach ensures we can be in the right place at the right time to make the best possible images.


The meeting point will be in the Hobart CBD. Ensure your flights arrive with sufficient buffer time to arrive at the meeting location well on time. The meeting location will be provided during the information sessions. 

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